Our laboratory

Ecogeo s.r.l. is a structure of environmental services and design formed by geologists, engineers, architects, chemists and computer scientists, born in the 70s, with diversified experiences from the field of Engineering to Earth Sciences. To carry out its activities, it also makes use of qualified external technicians, belonging to different disciplines: biologists, pedologists, agronomists, electronics experts, physicists, surveyors, naturalists, etc.

Ecogeo works for interdisciplinary working groups, organized from time to time to meet the specific needs of customers.

The main activities of Ecogeo are:

  • planning, studies and consultancy in geological, engineering and architectural, hydrogeological, chemical-mining, ecological-environmental fields
  • corrosion protection
  • water treatment
  • technological networks (aqueducts and sewers)
  • purification plants
  • investigations in environmental acoustics
  • emissions in the atmosphere
  • topographic measurement
  • applied computer science
  • occupational health and safety

It has internal laboratories for chemical-physical-bacteriological and geotechnical analysis which constitute the basic supports for the activity of the Ecogeo group.

The company also makes use of outsourced professional service supplies.

It is a family-run company born from the experience and highly scientific and qualified preparation of Eng. Renè Marsetti, father of dr. Diego Marsetti to whom his son owes a deep recognition for the passion and professionalism that he managed to convey to him.

Having its headquarters in Bergamo, Ecogeo offers its advice to numerous municipalities and companies in the area. Companies that are creating high-quality hubs linked to innovation, research and experimentation with new production processes. Since its birth under the name Pasinetti, the company has operated for over 1200 municipalities on the national network, carrying out studies and designs in the field of geology, engineering and the environment.

Ecogeo is open to public bodies and private companies, from small entrepreneurs to medium-large companies without excluding multinationals. State-of-the-art groups that need highly technological projects such as those, for example, for the retrieval of water by drilling wells, reducing noise and atmospheric emissions, water purification systems, water saving and alternative energy sources.

Today the Ecogeo adventure concerns not only Italy but is increasingly international: in the last fifteen years the Ecogeo Staff has gained its experience in work activities conducted in America, Latin America, the Central Antilles, Africa, Iraq, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Russia and in various places in Europe.