Ecogeo has been operating since 1987 in the development of applied information technology and has in recent years achieved a consolidated specialization in the territorial information sector.
Projects, reports, diagrams, plants, maps, etc. they are entirely performed with the aid of information technology.

Ecogeo designs and develops the computerization of municipal offices, consortia, etc., through the S.I.T. (Territorial Information Systems) and remote control systems for the development and management of:

  • territorial environmental planning
  • territorial government plans
  • building permit management
  • management of technological networks: water, sewage, gas, lighting, etc.
  • cultural heritage management
  • territorial and cadastral technical cartography
  • civil protection
  • monitoring for pollution control
  • monitoring for plant control


In recent years, the development of SAPRs (commonly called DRONES) have made it possible to use these vehicles in the most varied areas, from precision agriculture to land control.

Ecogeo created a DRONI division in 2014, to provide even more accurate and efficient services in the field of geology, geomatics, topography and thermography.