Ecogeo provides scientific and technical consultancy and services in all fields of application of Earth Sciences.

It also operates throughout the national territory and externally both directly and by providing its own specialized services to companies that develop and implement projects for which a thorough investigation of the conditions of the soil, subsoil, territory and environment is required.

  • geological, geostructural, lithological, geomorphological studies and surveys, with elaboration of the relative thematic maps and geological sections

  • identification of horizontal stratigraphic surfaces of the subsoil for water, environmental and depth research

  • study of current and / or potential landslides: executive and works management projects for the safety and arrangement of the slopes, definition of the phenomenon and the degree of stability using IT models

  • geotechnical surveys to support the building and urban planning field

  • geognostic surveys, destruction coring and continuous coring, static and dynamic penetrometric tests

  • design of mining quarries, recovery of quarries, mining, quarry areas, slope stability checks, topographic and bathymetric checks, calculation of volumes of extracted material, technical-administrative work supervision

  • design and construction supervision of gasometers, MSW landfills, aggregates, asbestos, etc.

  • environmental impact assessments (V.I.A. procedure), studies and cartographic elaborations on the computer with S.I.T. and G.I.S. for the integration of the geological criteria in the preparation of the territorial government plans


Ecogeo is open to public and private companies, from small entrepreneurs to medium-large companies without excluding multinationals. State-of-the-art groups that need highly technological projects such as those, for example, for the retrieval of water by drilling wells, reducing noise and atmospheric emissions, water purification systems, water saving and alternative energy sources. The operational and service areas in which Ecogeo srl operates in the geological area.


  • Geography

  • Geomorphology

  • Topography and cartography

  • Geotechnics and applied geology

  • Hydrogeology

  • Geophysics

  • Paleontology

  • Mineralogy

  • Petrography

  • Sedimentology

  • Structural geology

  • Volcanology

  • Hydrocarbon geology