Ecogeo, through the experience gained over time, through its professional technicians, is able to produce studies and resolutions to the problems of external and internal corrosion of ferrous material pipes and to protect them, both during the design phase and subsequently.

External Protection Sector

During the on-site inspection, our technicians size the external corrosion protection system and thus carry out an investigation along the route to assess the local electrical conditions.

The subsequent steps are then broken down as follows:

  • sampling and analysis of the soil crossed by the pipes
  • evaluation of the intensity of natural and / or induced currents responsible for corrosive phenomena
  • dimensioning of the cathodic protection system and technical characteristics
  • preventive project of the plant, based on the results of the investigation and verification of the number of groups to be installed
  • execution of the cathodic protection system

Internal Protection Sector

Our STAFF, based on the know-how and experience acquired, has developed studies and designed plant works, on its own patents, to minimize and neutralize the corrosive phenomena of an internal nature of the pipes in ferrous material

The various stages of study are:

  1. on site: to study the problem of internal corrosion, targeted inspections are carried out to understand, in general, the first causes that may have led to this phenomenon. Samples of pipes and / or ferrous material, water samples and possibly samples of mucilage are also taken and structural and hydrogeological measurements are carried out.
  2. Laboratory activities: chemical-physical and microbiological investigations of the fluid conveyed for anticorrosive purposes according to CEOCOR standards, as well as structural analysis and hydrogeology of the place
    • chemical-physical and bacteriological analysis of water on samples taken
    • analysis of corrosion products
    • metallographic analysis on the piece of pipe taken
    • chorography tests
    • biochemical investigations by microscopy