Ecogeo laboratory is accredited according to UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025 with 1399L number and is registered in the Register of the Lombardy Region of the laboratories that carry out analyzes in the context of the self-control procedures of the food industries (No. 030016301014).

The complete list of accredited tests is available at this link.

Our company is equipped with:

  • chemistry laboratory
  • microbiology laboratory
  • geotechnical laboratory

Water analysis

Drinking water, waste water, biological removal of organic and inorganic pollutants, biological, biochemical and chemical-physical treatments, wastewater treatment of iron and steel, chemical, dairy and urban livestock activities, sanitization of wells and springs for full recovery the quality of drinking water.

Analytical checks relating to: physical, chemical, chemical-physical parameters, metals and metallic species, non-metallic inorganic constituents, organic constituents, aromatic organic solvents, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen, halogenated, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), pesticides, pesticides, phyto-sanitary products, biological and toxicological parameters.

Chemical analysis of soils, soils, rocks and waste

Physical, chemical, chemical-physical parameters; metals and metallic species, organic constituents, non-metallic inorganic constituents.

Laboratory activities for internal corrosion protection

  • Ferrous material pipes
  • Metallographic analysis
  • Search for ferrobacteria, sulphobacteria, manganobacteria, etc.

Analysis and tests on the presence of asbestos fibers

Amiantum research

  1. Practices Enrollment in the register of environmental managers category 10 according to DM 406/98
  2. Assumption of the role of technical manager
  3. Drafting of asbestos work plan pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08
  4. Evaluation of asbestos cement roofing: Evaluation of the state of conservation of asbestos cement roofing with the regional algorithm of Lombardy.

Geotechnical analysis

  • Particle size, aerometry, Atterberg limits
  • Direct cutting tests
  • Oedometric tests
  • Soil mechanics